Get Organized!

Ready to be SUPER organized with your coupons and save yourself loads of time?

Here is a short list of what it takes to keep me organized, then I’ll explain how to use them in the video:

1. My Coupon-base account
2. A filing crate (simple plastic one I bought from Staples (less than $8…or something prettier ;) ).
3. Hanging files with tabs
4. Another small basket (you’ll see an example in the video)
5. card stock paper
6. permanent marker & pen
7. Coupons…coupons & more coupons! (which I’m sure you have plenty of!) :)

Watch this video for my step by step simple, inexpensive process of how I stay so organized with Coupon-base…you’ll be amazed.

Using Your Coupon Database – Here’s why its SO awesome!

Couponing 101

“How do you take couponing to the next level?” people frequently ask me.

First of all….organization. That is my key element to sticking with couponing and being successful with saving. If I’m not organized, I’m frustrated because I feel like ALL my time is spent searching through inserts and researching through websites for coupons.

Second, regularly visiting coupon matching websites to keep up on my local sales. If you’re in the Southeast (more specifically…Atlanta), you’ll love these coupon matching sites I use. Check them out under Sites I Use. The people maintaining the coupon matching sites, graciously post this information to the public to share. I’m so thankful for them because they save me SO much time!

Otherwise, grab your local ad and watch for sales to match up your coupons with. This is the biggest way to save money. Most coupons WILL go on sale and that’s where you’ll save the most money. The only things that I don’t find coupons for is generally meat and produce.

With that being said, I have scoped out some local markets for the best prices on those items and in the Atlanta area, I have found Super H Mart to be my favorite place to buy those items. Their produce has been consistently fresh and inexpensive. They also have the greatest deals on meat. My husband LOVES to barbecue, so meat is in high demand in my household.

All in all though, organize…organize…organize…and you’re couponing life won’t take complete control of you (even though you’re spouse may disagree ;) ).


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