Weekly Totals 4/24 – 4/30/11

What a fabulous week of savings! It feels really good to stock up and save money for my family and for others. Here’s the breakdown:

This Week’s Totals:

Total: $139.53
Savings: $107.60
Spent: $31.93
% Saved: 77% WOW!

This bought me:

6 Powerade Drinks (paid $.31 each! Super deal!)
2 BIC razors (FREE plus paid me $.51!)
8 boxes Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes ($.82 each! I stock up on cereal deals!)
2 bags Tyson Chicken Nuggets ($2.00 each! Staple in my home. :) )
6 boxes NY Texas Toast ($.26 each! My kids LOVE these!)
6 boxes Jose Ole Taquitos & Mini Tacos ($1.50 each! Love it!)
3 boxes Kellogg’s Froot Loops & Corn Pops ($1.49 each! These were the large ones.)
4 packs BIC razors ($.75 each!)

Super duper savings at Publix this week!! :)

Total: $21.96
Savings: $10.30 (includes clearance discounts)
Spent: $12.01
% Saved: 45%

This bought me:

4 packs Pillsbury refrigerated cookies (paid $.75 each!)
2 packs Nestle refrigerated cookies (paid $.50 each!)
2 packs Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa (paid $1.64 each …compared at Publix $2.49 each) This is another staple for me.
1 pack of Easter Bakery Cookies (paid $1.20…reg. $2 each)
1 Mini Round ??something I needed…can’t remember? (paid $1.68)

Overall…great savings! :)

Spent: $17.63
Saved: Always save!

This bought me:

4 packs (4) Pudding Cups (paid $.89)
3 gals of Skim Milk (paid $2.59 each)
1 tub Cottage Cheese (paid $1.99)
2 packs (4) Applesauce cups (paid $.89)
1 pack onion soup mix (paid $.69) For those Sour Creams I bought!
1 Grape Jelly (paid $1.49)

Super H Mart:
Spent: $4.19
Saved: Always Save!

This bought me:

1 head of Red Leaf Lettuce (paid $1.29 each)
1/2 lb of Roma Tomatoes (paid $1.37)
3lbs of bananas (paid $1.45)

In all….wonderful savings!

My total grocery bill for last week: $65.76

Giving Bin Donations: BIC Shavers

How was your shopping last week? Share it with me!

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