Weekly Totals (last week) 4/17/11 through 4/23/11

Last week was almost a non-existent shopping week for me because of the Publix sale alteration. But it was fine….I survived and did pick up some deals that came up after I had done my previous week’s shopping. :)

This Week’s Totals:

Total: $46.08
Savings: $24.72
Spent: $21.36
% Saved: 54%

This bought me:

4 12pks of Diet Coke (this is my VICE!…hence…more than half my bill :( ) (paid $3.00 ea…is good for Coke)
2 boxes Finish Powerball Diswasher Detergent 32pk (paid $1.75 ea! Awesome deal!)
2 bags Dove chocolates (paid $.56 each! Wow!)
2 bottles French’s Spicy Brown Mustard (paid $.79 ea! Fantastic! Although sorry I missed last week’s sale…they would have been free!)
1 jar of Planters Honey Peanuts (paid $2.19…not bad…and I needed them.)

So all in all, not too bad for my $21 bucks. :)

Total: $14.34
Savings: $8.90
Spent: $5.44
% Saved: 62%

This bought me:

5 packs Yoplait Kids Yogurt (got these FREE with my coupons :) )
1 can compressed air (paid $4.96…ouch! But my computer is now clean and quiet and I have a feeling its going to last me a few more cleanings :) )

Spent: $18.51
Saved: Always save!

This bought me:
1 loaf Whole Wheat Bread (paid $1.29)
1 bottle White Vinegar (paid $.79) Easter egg coloring!
1 bottle Chocolate Syrup (paid $1.39)
1 pack Vanilla Pudding Cups (paid $.89)
3 gals of Skim Milk (paid $2.59 each)
1 pack eggs (paid $1.25)
1 tub Cottage Cheese (paid $1.99)
1 pack (4) Applesauce cups (paid $.89)
1 pack flour tortillas (paid $.99)

Super H Mart:
Spent: $18.74
Saved: Significantly!

This bought me:
2 Striped Bass Whole Fish (paid $6.85…on sale for $2.99/lb) (yes…whole fish…it was interesting…yet delicious! Calls for another story)(This was for a special Friday night dinner with the hubby :) )
1 pack Beef Chuck Steak (paid $2.05…on special for $1.99/lb…reg..$3.99/lb)
1 pack Port Loin Chop (paid $2.37…on special for $1.99/lb…reg…$2.99/lb)
2 bunches of Garlic (paid $.58 @$1.99/lb)
1 bunch of Bananas (paid $1.01 @$.49/lb)
2 Lemons (paid $.50)
1 bag onions (paid $.99…w/$1.00 off Member Card discount)
1 bunch Parsley (paid $.50…this was a huge bunch!)
1 5lb box of Cuties Clementines (paid $3.50 after $4.99 sale and $1.50 off coupon…sweet!)

So not shabby at all!

My total grocery bill for last week: $64.05

How was your shopping last week? Share it with me!

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