Charitable Giving with Couponing…Save the Date…May 17th.

I’ve set a date for May 17th to be our first day as a website community to bring a donation to a local food bank. This site is at its very beginning but I want this important element to grow as the site grows. So start building up your charitable donations when you do your weekly shopping. Set aside a special donation bin in your home to fill up each month to bring to your local food bank or church.

I will be posting hot deals that I think would be great for donations (and yourself of course)! Buy for you and for your donation bin. I will also be sharing pictures and stories of how its going here on my end with my giving. It would be fantastic if you could share your stories and links to your photos you want to share with everyone!

To help you on your way, here is a link to help you find a local food bank in your area. You can also contact your local schools or churches to find out where you can bring your donations so it can really impact your local community. Try to group together with other friends you know who coupon or people in your neighborhood so you can bring it all in one trip to save on gas.

This is a VERY important part of being a serious couponer…giving your abundance to others. We find amazing deals for our own families but what about sharing that with others? No one should go hungry or be scraping by for food with the availability of coupons and sales. If each one of us gave just a little bit of our super deals, think of the impact that could have on the food banks and churches feeding the communities around us.

Its okay to keep a small stockpile of things you use regularly but you should never hoard. Be a giver! You will feel the amazing benefits of happiness in giving as much as you do from saving money with your amazing couponing skills! Take that adrenaline you feel when you find the amazing deal for yourself and find that amazing deal for your local food bank or church! It’s a double rush! :)

Thank you for reading and participating….there are many others that will be greatly thankful for your efforts and compassion. :)

One Response to Charitable Giving with Couponing…Save the Date…May 17th.

  • Samantha says:

    I want to share that this past week, I bought 6 boxes of Idahoan Potatoes from Publix for my Giving Bin. I guess I’m going to call it that…The Giving Bin. ;) They were on sale for a great deal at $.29 per package! So I’m putting those in my bin for only $1.76! Those were a perfect donation item too. :)

    I’m also going to sort through my stockpile to give several things that I bought that I thought my kids would like but didn’t and some other things that I have an abundance of.

    Let’s get started! I’m building up my collection…how about you?


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