Weekly Totals 4/10 – 4/16/11

Another great week of shopping at Publix. Those BOGOs are amazing! I also shop at Aldi’s and Super H for staples that I can’t get on sale. All of Aldi’s products are high quality and their customer service is fantastic.

So this week’s totals:

Total: $138.03
Savings: $106.06
Spent: $31.97
% Saved: 77% WOW! Better than Black Friday after Thanksgiving! (without the lines…thank you. :) )

This bought me:
6 bags Wise Cheez Doodles (kids LOVE them!….yes…me too. ;) paid $.50 each…super deal!)
2 bags Lays Potato Chips (paid only $.44 each…super deal!)
3 bags Birds Eye Frozen Steamer Veggies (paid $.80 each!)
8 bags Kraft Shredded Cheese (these freeze well and I love them on my salads! I re-stock every few months) (paid only $.67 each!)
4 tubs Breakstone Sour Cream ( paid $.12 each! Super deal!!!)
2 tubs Cool Whip (paid $.58 each!)
6 cans Tuttorosso Crushed Tomatoes (paid $.44 each!)
4 cans Dole’s Pineapple (yummy!) (paid $.29 each!)
3 boxes Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (paid $.71 each!)
4 packs Kraft Cheese Singles (paid $1.25 each!)
4 boxes Duncan Hines Brownies (paid $.35 each!)
2 tubs Mentos 50pc Gum (paid $.65 each!)

As you can see…my $31.97 went REALLY far. And I only buy what we use…so this is fantastic!

Aldi’s: $23.21
3 gals milk (lowest price around @ $2.59/gal)
2 packs lunch puddings $.89 ea.
2 packs lunch applesauce $.89 ea
1 pack mini marshmallows $.89 ea
1 whole wheat bread $1.29 ea
1 pk sandwich bags $1.89 ea
1 pk sandwich meat $2.99 1lb
1 bag chicken nuggets $3.99 32oz (great price!)

Super H: $13.74
1 pk Pork Spare Ribs (on special for $1.99/lb…can’t wait to eat these!) paid $5.79
5 lbs bananas $.49/lb
2 green leaf lettuce $.99 ea
1 bunch scallions $.33ea
6 corn on cob (@ $1/3! Bought some last week and these were yummy!)

So this week’s grocery total: $68.92 (not too shabby!)

As I mentioned, the rest of my staples I don’t find on sale generally come from Aldi’s (milk, bread, eggs, sandwich meat, etc.) and Super H. Super H is a chain Asian supermarket with fresh produce, meats and other Asian foods. They have tremendous savings on meat and produce.

For example, today I bought fresh Green Leaf Lettuce for $.99 a head…and they were big and gorgeous! I also LOVE my fresh herbs (that I can’t get from my garden) from there because they sell large bunches (compared to the little plastic containers you get at most supermarkets) of herbs for a very low price. I love fresh Dill in my salads and I buy that for only $.99 a bunch….and its a good amount. I also buy large chicken drumsticks (and boy these are meaty) for $.99/lb and stock up on them when they’re $.59/lb! We bbq a lot, so we LOVE this place.

Share your shopping trip savings with us this week!

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