Fun at Folly Beach, SC!

Wow! It was a fun busy day today. We went to Folly Beach to spend some time playing (and resting) at the ocean. It was quite beautiful and I am SO thankful for the wonderful breeze that continually blows. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack the sand toys and umbrella but was able to stop at a nearby Walmart and pick up one and came across this amazing sand tool called a Sand Grabber. It was only $10 and it literally turns its way deeply into the sand, securing your beach umbrella so it won’t blow away. It was like turning a screw into the ground, then when your done, you unscrew it easily. I highly recommend buying one of these for trips to the beach. We try to go a couple times a year, so it will be used and its heavy duty, so I imagine it will last a very long time. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and post them for you all. :)

We are going to Folly Beach in the morning, then heading to historic Charleston to go to their famous Market and Battery. We are also hoping to hit some art galleries and the antique market too. :) Yeah! The kids are really having a good time. I can’t wait to write more about it to you all.

I will mention, there was this one little shop in Folly Beach that was selling candy for outrageous prices. Regular size candy bars for $2.89!! I told my kids….sorry but I cannot pay that much for candy…there’s a Dollar Tree 5 minutes from here and we can get the same candy (actually more of it) for a much better price. I would have been okay with it if it had been a specialty homemade candy but it was a plain old candy bar that you could pick up at any store. Crazy!

Tomorrow we will be going to a very special candy store called Market Street Sweets, which we know has lots of wonderful candy (many made right there in the store!). I was looking in my travel guide and found them and also found out that they are the same company as River Street Sweets, which is in Savannah. We have been to the Savannah location many, many times, so I know we’ll find something special there tomorrow. I LOVE there hand made chocolate turtles! Yummy! :)

I hope you all are having a good week! Talk with you tomorrow!

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