We’re in Charleston!

Hi everyone! Yes…myself and the kids are in Charleston, South Carolina for my art show that opened yesterday at the City Gallery in North Charleston. The artist reception is Thursday night, so we’re hanging out until then, enjoying the beach and the sites around Charleston. How exciting because I have never been here. My husband has but not me. :(

My husband is home, working and holding down for fort while us girls are on retreat here. ;) So…my postings will be limited but I will post some pretty pics and I’m going to write an article soon on some travel deals here. I plan on starting a travel section on my site for budget traveling with kids. I know I’m always looking for deals and ways to save while I travel, so I’m taking notes, getting cards, pics and meeting new people to put the word out for you all. :)

Well…time to head out to the beach and I’ll talk to you later! :)

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