Weekly Totals 5/8 – 5/14/11! 87% Savings at Publix!!

Another super week!

This week’s totals were fantastic, along with some amazing deals!

This Week’s Totals:

Total: $89.88
Savings: $77.02
Spent: $12.86
% Saved: 87% STUPENDOUS!

This bought me:

2 bottles 7th Generation Dish Liquid (FREE!!)
2 bottles Herbal Essence Shampoo ($1.50 each!)
1 bottles Herbal Essence Conditioner ($1.50 each!)
2 bottles Lysol All Purpose Cleaner ($.85 each!)
6 bottles Hunts Ketchup ($.58 each!) (perfect…we go through lots of ketchup!)
10 packs Yakisoba Noodle meals (FREE plus paid me back $.11 for every 2!)
1 bottle Honey Roasted Peanuts ($2.18…good price)
2 jars Vlasic pickles ($.70 each!)
13 bags Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese ($.30 each!)(My kids LOVE these so I stock up!)

Wow! SUPER POW for my buck! Everything we use. :)

Total: $7.59
Savings: $2.00 plus!
Spent: $12.38

This bought me:

2 packs Reach Dental Floss (FREE…plus paid me back $.12 each!)
4 cans GV Spaghettios w/meatballs ($.73 each! compared to Chef Boyardee @ $1.49)
1 jar GV Fluff ($.84 each!)
1 pack Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate ($1.64 each…great price because they’re $2.49 at Publix!)
1 jar MC Ginger Spice ($2.62…once every 3-4 yr purchase)

Overall…great savings! :)

Spent: $21.69
Saved: Always save!

This bought me:

3 gals of Skim Milk (paid $2.69 each….ooooh went up $.10)
1 tub Cottage Cheese (paid $1.99)
1 loaves Whole Wheat bread (paid $1.29 each)
1 jar Applesauce ($1.29 each)
1 bottle Parmesean Cheese ($2.39 each)
1 box Ritz-like crackers ($1.59 each)
1 can pear halves ($.89 each)
1 bottle chocolate syrup ($1.39 each)
4 bottles Tartar Sauce ($.59 CLEARANCE ITEM! Still on sale so I picked up more. They’re good for awhile yet.)

In all….wonderful savings!

My total grocery bill for last week: $42.14

Giving Bin Donations: 1 pack Organic sippy drinks from my stockpile.

How was your shopping last week? Share it with me!

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