Weekly Totals for 5/1 – 5/7/11!

This week’s totals were good even though I had to spend a bit more than usual this week. Hey…I can’t complain and I’m a REAL shopper…not an extreme shopper. ;)

This Week’s Totals:

Total: $163.67
Savings: $124.43
Spent: $39.18
% Saved: 76% WOW!

This bought me:

4 bags Pepperidge Farm Artisan Frozen Rolls (paid $.50 each!)
2 10lb bags of Tidy Cat cat liter (paid $.20 each!)
2 boxes Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies cereal (paid $1.49 each!)
2 boxes Post Alpha Bits cereal (paid $1.63 each!)
4 tubs Whole Fruit Sorbet (paid $.50 each!)
4 boxes Kellogg’s Crunch Nut cereal (paid $1.30 each!)
8 boxes of Edward’s Frozen Singles desserts (paid $.48 each!)
2 bags Yoplait Frozen Smoothies (paid $.60 each!)
2 jars Newman’s Peach Salsa (paid $1 each!)
5 tubs Philadelphia Cooking Creme (paid $.50 for 4 and ONE was FREE!)
1 jar of Honey Roasted Peanuts (paid $2.18…good price w/out coupon.)
2 boxes Pillsbury Toaster Struedels (paid $.85 each!)
4 packs Yoplait Kids Yogurt (FREE!)
4 packs Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt ($.50 each!)
2 packs Yoplait Trix Yogurt ($1.09 each!)
2 packs Jello Temptations ($1.50 each!)
1 pack Freezer Pops ($2.50…not bad)
4 bottles Fuze drinks ($.50 each!)
2 packs mini donuts snacks ($.75 each…I was suckered in by my little ones! :) )

Wow! Lots of bang for my buck! Everything we use. :)

Total: $23.84
Savings: $19.60
Spent: $4.24
% Saved: 82%

I don’t shop at Kroger too often but they were having this amazing deal on Ronzoni Pasta that I couldn’t resist. I’m donating all the Whole Wheat pasta I bought to the food bank. We have just never quite liked the taste…guess it must be my New York Italian influence and strong love for the taste of semolina flour. :)

This bought me:

4 boxes Ronzoni Whole Wheat Pasta (FREE!!)
6 boxes Ronzoni Pasta (FREE!!)
2 Sunday Papers ($2 each)

CRAZY, INSANE savings! :)

Total: $12.73
Savings: $.35 plus!
Spent: $12.38

This bought me:

1 (24)pack Diet Coke (my vice! $5.98)
1 loaf Pepperidge Farm Raisin Bread (paid $2.65. I gave myself a treat. This loaf was $3.99 at Publix and only $3.00 at Walmart…great savings!)
1 pack Corn Tortillas ($.92….Cinco de Mayo!)
1 pack Snack bags ($2.48)

Overall…great savings! :)

Super H Mart:
Spent: $14.24
Saved: Always save!

This bought me:

2 heads of Red Leaf Lettuce ($.50 EACH!!! Amazing!!)
3 lemons ($.25 each!)
6 lbs of bananas ($.49/lb)
2 lbs of Gala Apples ($1.49/lb)
7 lbs of HUGE Chicken Drumsticks ($.99/lb…always great savings!)

Spent: $39.99
Saved: Always save!

This bought me:

3 gals of Skim Milk (paid $2.59 each)
1 tub Cottage Cheese (paid $1.99)
2 packs (4) Applesauce cups (paid $.89 each)
2 loaves Whole Wheat bread (paid $1.29 each)
2 packs (4) pudding cups (paid $.89 each)
5 cans Spaghettios or Raviolis (paid $.69 each…awesome reg. price item!)
2 cans fruit cocktail ($.79 each)
1 bag mini-marshmallows ($.89)
1 pack 250 ct Napkins ($1.49)
2 jars Cocktail Sauce ($.49 CLEARANCE ITEM! Awesome price!)
1 pack Cheddar Bratwurst ($2.49…love it!)
1 box raisins ($1.69)
2 bottles Tartar Sauce ($.59 CLEARANCE ITEM! Awesome price!)
2 tubs Spring Frosting ($.39 CLEARANCE ITEM! Awesome price!)
1 bottle 6n1 Spring Sprinkles ($.39 CLEARANCE ITEM! Awesome price! Reg $2.99!)
1 pack eggs ($1.35)
1 pack Swiss cheese ($2.29)
1lb lunch meat ($3.29)
4 boxes Mac & Cheese ($.35 each)

In all….wonderful savings!

My total grocery bill for last week: $110.03

Giving Bin Donations: 4 boxes Ronzoni Whole Wheat Pasta

How was your shopping last week? Share it with me!

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