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Monday Mingle Giveaway Linkup! 8/6/12

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Good luck!

We made it to 1000 Facebook Fans!!!

THANK YOU!! Thank you for helping me reach my 1000 Facebook Fan goal!! You know what that means don’t you??? Yes….someone from our list of active subscribers AND who “Liked” our Facebook Fan Page will win the Complete Coupon Organizer Kit!!

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Fun at Folly Beach, SC!

Wow! It was a fun busy day today. We went to Folly Beach to spend some time playing (and resting) at the ocean. It was quite beautiful and I am SO thankful for the wonderful breeze that continually blows. Unfortunately, I forgot to pack the sand toys and umbrella but was able to stop at a nearby Walmart and pick up one and came across this amazing sand tool called a Sand Grabber. It was only $10 and it literally turns its way deeply into the sand, securing your beach umbrella so it won’t blow away. It was like turning a screw into the ground, then when your done, you unscrew it easily. I highly recommend buying one of these for trips to the beach. We try to go a couple times a year, so it will be used and its heavy duty, so I imagine it will last a very long time. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and post them for you all. :)

We are going to Folly Beach in the morning, then heading to historic Charleston to go to their famous Market and Battery. We are also hoping to hit some art galleries and the antique market too. :) Yeah! The kids are really having a good time. I can’t wait to write more about it to you all.

I will mention, there was this one little shop in Folly Beach that was selling candy for outrageous prices. Regular size candy bars for $2.89!! I told my kids….sorry but I cannot pay that much for candy…there’s a Dollar Tree 5 minutes from here and we can get the same candy (actually more of it) for a much better price. I would have been okay with it if it had been a specialty homemade candy but it was a plain old candy bar that you could pick up at any store. Crazy!

Tomorrow we will be going to a very special candy store called Market Street Sweets, which we know has lots of wonderful candy (many made right there in the store!). I was looking in my travel guide and found them and also found out that they are the same company as River Street Sweets, which is in Savannah. We have been to the Savannah location many, many times, so I know we’ll find something special there tomorrow. I LOVE there hand made chocolate turtles! Yummy! :)

I hope you all are having a good week! Talk with you tomorrow!

We’re in Charleston!

Hi everyone! Yes…myself and the kids are in Charleston, South Carolina for my art show that opened yesterday at the City Gallery in North Charleston. The artist reception is Thursday night, so we’re hanging out until then, enjoying the beach and the sites around Charleston. How exciting because I have never been here. My husband has but not me. :(

My husband is home, working and holding down for fort while us girls are on retreat here. ;) So…my postings will be limited but I will post some pretty pics and I’m going to write an article soon on some travel deals here. I plan on starting a travel section on my site for budget traveling with kids. I know I’m always looking for deals and ways to save while I travel, so I’m taking notes, getting cards, pics and meeting new people to put the word out for you all. :)

Well…time to head out to the beach and I’ll talk to you later! :)

What I’ve been up to!

Wow…I’ve been crazy busy! Besides keeping up with this website, if you read about me, I’m also an artist and have been called off to duty. Yes…that happens sometimes. :) Besides preparing for an art show I have in August, I’m painting several murals at a local business called the Pink Pastry Parlor. This is a huge, huge deal because they’re filming a reality TV show there. Soooooo…yes…I’m busy preparing the opening of the Pink Pastry and filming begins very soon. Today was Day #3 of many to come for me. So most of my posts will be random for awhile…either night or morning….whenever I can get it in. Whew!

Here I am painting my Poodles in Paris scene:

We made it to 500 Facebook Fans!!!

THANK YOU!! Thank you for helping me reach my 500 Facebook Fan goal!! You know what that means don’t you??? Yes….someone from our list of active subscribers AND who “Liked” our Facebook Fan Page will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!! Woooo hooo! :)

As soon as I have a confirmed winner, I will announce who they are! And of course….I will be having another Facebook Fan giveaway listed shortly! :)

Thank you all for being here with me at Sam’s Coupon-base!

Welcome Summer!

Isn’t this an amazing picture? When I think of summer, I think of being at the beach and listening to the waves rush in, feeling the breeze and the lovely smell. Then seemingly endless BBQs, roasting marshmallows, eating outside…either picnics or on the deck. Beautiful sunsets and live music also come to mind. Being free from coats and long sleeve shirts and wearing flip flops all the time.

Ahhhh…summer time…one of my favorite times of year. Top it off with an icy cold drink and I’m happy. :)

Summer Fun on a Budget!

For many of here in the South, summer vacation has already begun and we are well on our way to summer fun…on a budget. What if you are already penny pinchin’ through the year and don’t have the extra dough to make those summer getaways? You still want to make it extra fun for the kidlets but don’t want to go broke at an Adventure Park that will cost you a whopping $200+ $$ just for an afternoon of fun. Ouch!

Well, a girlfriend of mine and I sat down a couple weeks ago to brainstorm some ideas of summer fun for our kids. We met up with ideas and a calendar and scheduled a summer packed FULL of FREE/LOW COST (mostly free) fun for our kids!

So, I thought my readers of this blog might benefit in some of these ideas AND I would LOVE your input for more ideas for FREE or very low cost fun (I mean less that $20 for an entire family). Please, I invite your comments! :)

Here is our list of Summer Fun on a Budget:

1. Cool off with water!

(LOW $)- Use a sprinkler to run through and time it for a half hour. My kids love using the traditional sprinkler I bought at Home Depot for less than $10.

(LOW $)- Buy a low cost wading pool to cool off in. We picked up an inexpensive Shark shaped pool at Aldis for $10 and the kids LOVE it! We just bring out some of their favorite bath toys to put in it and play with.

(FREE) – Schedule in some time to go swimming in a friend or family members pool. I have a couple family members with a pool, so we’ve worked that into our schedule! It’s great! We always pack a picnic lunch & snacks.

(LOW $)- Visit a local public pool. We have several of these pools in our county that have water slides, a lazy river, lap pool and more fun stuff for only a couple $$ per person. It’s like going to a mini-theme park for a super fraction of the cost! We always pack a picnic lunch & snacks.

(FREE)- Go to a public water fountain (no…not a drinking one ;) ). These are really popular here in the South and children are allowed to run through them and cool off. We always pack a picnic lunch & snacks.

(LOW $) – Have a water balloon fight with friends. The $ Store always has packs of these balloons. Complement this with drinks & popsicles to make it extra special.

2. Backyard Campout with Smore’s!

(LOW $)- This is extra fun, especially when you invite friends to come over and participate. If you have a projector, put on a night movie outside to make it extra special. If your friends have children too young to camp over, invite them for smores and outdoor night games like Hide & Seek. Have people bring their favorite chocolate & graham crackers and you provide the marshmallows. :)

3. Hide & Seek Night with Potluck BBQ

(LOW $) – Remember when we were able to just go out with friends in the neighborhood and play Hide & Seek…at NIGHT??! Well, here’s a great, safe way to let your children have the same experience but instead, make a fun night of it with a BBQ and friends over. Everyone saves when they each bring a dish. Besides, isn’t it more interesting when other people bring over their favorite recipes?

4. Fishing Trip with FREE Fishing Days

(FREE) – Already have your fishing gear but don’t do much fishing anymore and you don’t want to buy your license to go fishing once or twice a season? Well many states have FREE fishing days, so find out if your state participates and make a day of it! :) CLICK HERE to find out if your state participates and when the free fishing days are.

5. Hiking/Walking on local nature trails

(FREE) – It’s amazing how much my kids LOVE to get out in nature and go on adventure hikes through the woods and in nature. It is like walking into a magical world for them. I love it too (as long as I have water and bug spray! ;) )

6. Low Cost Summer Movies

(LOW $) – Many major movie theaters have a children’s summer movie series. You may also know of a local movie theater that shows movies that are no longer at the big theaters at a discounted price. We have a local theater that charges $2/person for those types of movies.
- Regal Cinemas has a series of children’s movies for $1/person.

7. Indoor restaurant playgrounds

(LOW $) – Yes, I’m sure you’re familiar with the indoor playgrounds at places like McDonalds to beat the heat. Have lunch before you leave home and just have an ice cream cone (or other low cost dessert) for a treat with ice water to quench their thirst. You can even bring your laptop and connect to their wireless to get some work done (like me) or check in on your email while they’re playing. :)

8. Public playground

(FREE) – Pack a picnic and go early to beat the sunny noon hours. Try to be their by (or before 10am) and after an hour or so have some snacks & a drink.

9. The Library!!

(FREE) – The library is AWESOME in the summer (and throughout the year!)! They typically have summer reading programs where your child can earn prizes for what they’ve read through the summer months. Wow! AND they also have schedule summer activities for the kids. Our library has puppet shows, magic shows, read alouds, character visits, arts & crafts, summer movies and more! All for free! It’s great to see our tax dollars go to wonderful use. :)

10. Ice Cream Social

(LOW $) – This is a great event that my neighborhood participates in every summer. It’s wonderful. Everyone bring some ice cream and some toppings and next thing you know you have a array of yummy things and wonderful conversations with friends & neighbors. :) It’s a great time!

Those are my top ten things to do this summer for FREE or LOW $. Do you have anything to contribute? I would LOVE to hear your ideas! :)

Happy Summer!

We’ve reached 250 Facebook Fans!!!

You know what that means don’t you??…..one lucky Facebook Fan from our first 250 will be winning a $25 Walmart Gift Card! Awesome! Don’t worry if your 251 because you’ll be included in our next giveaway!! :)

Thank you everyone for helping me reach 250 Facebook Fans!

I will be announcing the winner of the contest soon! :)

It is a pleasure to share all these wonderful deals and my Coupon-base with all of you! Hope you all have a wonderful day and holiday weekend! :)

Weekly Totals 5/15 – 5/21/11!

A great week of shopping with some superb deals!

This Week’s Totals:

Total: $87.65
Savings: $59.02
Spent: $28.63
% Saved: 67% Awesome!

This bought me:

1 bottle Honey Roasted Peanuts ($2.15…good price)
6 (4)pks Yoplait Kids Yogurt (FREE!)
2 btls Cutter Insect Repellent ($1.69 each! Awesome deal!)
2 btls Listerine ($2.77 each! Great price…but even better this week :( )
3 (4)pks Morning Star Farms Burgers ($1 each! Super…and yummmm!)
2 (6)pks Trix Yogurt ($1.04 each! Great price!)
2 Bic Multi-Purpose Lighters ($.75 each! Wow!)
2 (3.5)lb bags Whiska Dry Cat Food ($1.25 each!)
2 bags Sun Chips ($1 each!)
4 cans Carnation Evaporated Milk ($.50 each!)
1 2L btl Sierra Mist (FREE!)

Awesome deals! Everything we use. :)

Total: $14.14
Savings: $2.00 plus!
Spent: $12.14

This bought me:

1 GV Pie Crust ($2.24…911 crust needed!)
4 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookies ($.50 each!)
1 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate ($1.64 each)
1 (24)pk Diet Coke ($5.98 each…my vice!)

Overall…great savings! :)

Spent: $37.99
Saved: Always save!

This bought me:

8 loaves Whole Wheat Bread ($.20 EACH!! Yes…I said 20 CENTS EACH! :) )
4 gals of Skim Milk (paid $2.69 each)
1 (12)pk Double Roll Toilet Paper ($4.99 each)
1 pk Imperial Stick Margarine ($.69 each)
3 cans Raviolis ($.69 each)
1 canister Old Fashioned Oats ($1.99 each)
1 pk Ham Sandwich Meat ($3.29 each)
1 tub Cottage Cheese (paid $1.99)
1 doz eggs ($1.35 each)
1 bag Mini-Marshmallows ($.89 each)
4 (4)pks Pudding Snacks ($.89 each)
3 (6)pks Applesauce ($1.29 each)

In all….wonderful savings!

Super H:
Spent: $7.51
Saved: Super save!

This bought me:

3 pks Blackberries ($.79 EACH!! I went home and made a blackberry pie…YUM! Hence the 911 pie crust at Walmart ;) )
4 lbs Bananas ($2.37 @ $.49/lb)
20 Clementines ($2.00!! They were ONLY $.10 each!)

My total grocery bill for last week: $86.27

Giving Bin Donations: 2 Large Cans Stewed Tomatoes from my stockpile.

How was your shopping last week? Share it with me!


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